Aust & NZ

What is Dynamic Matching?

Dynamic Matching is an innovative CRM tool for dealers to ensure direct mail, marketing emails and phone calls always reach their customers. Dynamic Matching uses the latest data collated from Sensis, Australia Post Total Check and other sources to provide up to the minute accurate name and address information, while fully integrating into Pentana Solutions’ Dealer Management Systems.

How Does it Work?

With Dynamic Matching, you can search by partial address or name and the software automatically fills in the rest for you. By verifying your data as soon as it’s entered, Dynamic Matching seamlessly does the hard work for you. It conducts a single search to return the details on all individuals who reside at the address.

Additional Capabilities?

Dynamic Matching recently added the capability of verifying email domains - ensuring your customers’ personal information is accurate in its entirety. As emails are quick and cost effective - it’s essential that you have the right email addresses for the greatest ROI. As emails can be undeliverable with just one key off, the accuracy of email addresses can’t be emphasized enough. Such an easy fix can make a world of difference in your campaigns.

Why Dynamic Matching?

Industry estimates that 17% of mailing addresses held by an average dealership are incorrect. Australia Post estimates the cost to a business of a single item of returned mail is $17. Not only is returned mail a waste of money, it’s a crucial vehicle sale or RO (repair order) opportunity missed. Keep your database up-to-date and accurate with Dynamic Matching - ensuring your customers never go out of reach.


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