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Streamline your entire accounts payables department.

In many organisations, processing supplier invoices is still a time consuming manual task that’s expensive and unreliable. Pentana Solutions has developed DocuSmart Payables to make the finance processes vastly more efficient – increasing productivity of your entire organisation and reducing costs.

DocuSmart Payables turns all of those old, inefficient accounts department processes into streamlined workflows. By streamlining your accounts department with automatic processing you’re able to improve cash flow and initiate faster invoice processing. With DocuSmart Payables, you can free employees to spend time making money, rather than chasing it. How does it work? DocuSmart Payables accepts all forms of invoices. Whether paper or electronic - invoices are validated the same way, regardless of how they’re received. After the invoice is recognised, it’s then sorted, verified and automatically passed on for approval. Invoices are posted as needed and ultimately archived for future reference. The automatic processing not only makes business more profitable, it also means all information about exactly what’s going on within your company is instantly available.

The speed, accuracy and transparency of DocuSmart Payables adds unmatchable value to your accounts department. You’ll know minute to minute exactly how your organisation is performing. You’ll get total control over the process. Liabilities will be instantly visible and compliance with your guidelines is guaranteed. You have the ability to eliminate potential human error, because DocuSmart Payables automates the processes for you. Assign the correct documentation to the appropriate user and see that every item is actioned and attended to. By securing financial documents, you’re able to strengthen your supplier relationships and mitigate any financial liability.

DocuSmart Payables can work with any type of invoice, from e-invoices to paper. Paper invoices are scanned and converted into electronic format and are sent into the payables process along with the others. Because it’s an automated process all invoices are validated the same way, regardless of how they’re received. Automation occurs in data extraction, routing, posting to the appropriate business application and coding. It will even match invoices with purchase orders if you’re using them. And together with DocuSmart Archive, everything is automatically captured and indexed.

Available in the Cloud

The best part about all DocuSmart suite products is that they’re available to be stored on Pentana Solutions’ Cloud. Pentana Solutions gives you the option to run your infrastructure as a service of Pentana Solutions, eliminating the hassle that comes with managing technology. Your server is stored offsite and your resources are scaled to only what you require. Cloud significantly reduces your business risk by having automated backup without you having to do anything. Your data is protected from floods, fire and any other disaster allowing your business to run under any circumstance. Last but not least, no more capital expenditure; enjoy elastic resources with Cloud, only paying for the storage and data resources that you need.


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