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How Can The DealerPRO Business Intelligence & Accounting Module Improve Your Dealership?

Pentana Solutions understands that a retail dealership be it car, truck, bus, boat or bike needs to be supported by strong financial and reporting tools. That’s exactly why DealerPRO offers a strong accounting module integrated with all aspects of the dealership as well as a business intelligence tool known as Pentana Analytics.

Business Intelligence and Reporting That’s Easy

Pentana Solutions Pentana Analytics makes light work of data analysis for financial controllers and senior management. This intuitive, point and click windows based software tool provides more than 60 reports out of the box. These reports can be represented in a graph or dataset format which makes trend analysis and drill down easy. This business intelligence software is particularly valuable because it offers key business insight without the need to be familiar with the operational aspect of DealerPRO’s accounting module.

At the same time, Pentana Analytics doesn’t allow users to edit the data being analysed, this maintains data integrity and ensures your accounting module and operations are always secure. In short, Pentana Analytics provides business intelligence without increasing the pressure on current human resources, alleviates information bottlenecks for the management table and makes your data actionable. This business intelligence tool puts dealerships decision makers in the best possible position.

Accounting Software Designed For Your Dealership

DealerPRO’s Accounting Module certainly ticks all the boxes for financial controllers but it offers more for those operating in the retail dealership space. The tool itself gives users a point and click method of operation across all functions from creditors, debtors, vehicle deal processing, cash book and general ledger.

The benefits for dealership businesses however lie in the accounting module’s flexibility. If a commercial vehicle, agricultural or marine dealership was to bundle a number of stock units into one sale this linked stock is carried through the system via contracting then onto service and warranty. The philosophy behind this is that accounting and contracts remain the central element of the process but efficiencies are seen throughout the entire business. This design methodology keeps the dealership user front of mind, as well as the end customer.

Pentana Solutions is also conscious of the OEM requirements that must be fulfilled by dealerships. This is why a strong development cycle maintains a fast to market set of monthly reports on a number of different areas including Finance and Insurance, Pre-Delivery, Body and Paint and much more. The DealerPRO accounting module is the right choice for dealers looking for a solution to improve and partner with their business into the future.

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Add On Modules for DealerPRO

Pentana Analytics

With real-time data and fixed suite of dashboards that drive all areas of your business, our Pentana Analytics' Business Intelligence tool provides you the ability to monitor your dealership performance ANYTIME, ANYWHERE.

Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse provides a real-time view of insightful data from your ERP, avoiding the need to wait for any form of overnight scheduling and the need to rely on batch extracts. This solution is robust, adaptable and ERP agnostic.

SMSLink - DealerPRO

SMSLink is a fully integrated text messaging tool to enhance how you communicate with customers. Through this integration, there’s no longer a need to extract information to third party platforms to send a message.


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