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CRM Contact Centre successfully books over 2,000 appointments on behalf of dealerships every month.

The Pentana Solutions CRM Contact Centre is our very own in-house call centre, used to contact customers on behalf of dealerships through various mediums: print, telephone, SMS, email. With over 30 professional administration employees working every day to alleviate the day to day tasks off of dealer’s hands – the CRM Contact Centre is able to save businesses valuable time and money.

In an average month, our CRM Contact Centre makes over 20,000 service reminder calls. When our CRM Contact Centre makes the service calls for you, your employees are able to concentrate their efforts elsewhere – and your customers are still kept in touch. And not only kept in touch, but treated with care and professionalism by Pentana Solutions’ CRM Contact Centre’s trained customer service callers. With so many calls, our employees get to know your customers well - creating a positive rapport and a sense of care –inevitably increasing your customer satisfaction and service retention.

And why stop at service reminders? Anniversary calls, customer appreciation SMS’s, warranty reminders and surveys are just a few of the follow-ups outsourced to Pentana Solutions’ CRM Contact Centre by over 80 businesses around Australia who are doing just that little bit extra to stay ahead of the competition.

In the same month at our CRM Contact Centre, over 2,000 successful bookings are made and entered into the DMS for dealerships. Over 6,000 customer details are updated in the database and over 150 marketing campaigns are completed. Our CRM Contact Centre employees are experts in the advertising space and work tirelessly to ensure that your business is always kept top of mind with your customers. We go the extra mile needed to make sure your customers are not only reached, but are left with a positive lasting impression.

Additionally, the CRM Contact Centre delivers over 8,000 surveys every month for dealerships - meaning dealers can have customer feedback without having to do the time-consuming leg work. The responses taken directly after a sale or service can give great insight into the temperature of a business. How are your customers feeling? Are they likely to come back? Did they feel cared for? The CRM Contact Centre finds out how your customers are feeling and gives you the crucial feedback you need to keep a handle on customer retention.

Pentana Solutions’ CRM Contact Centre also helps alleviate stress at ‘end of month’ time. You don’t have to waste any more time figuring out which marketing campaigns worked and which didn’t. Or how many customers you should expect in the following months and how many you still need to reach. Detailed reporting is completed for each campaign delivered throughout the month – ensuring you’re always armed with the information you need to take on the next initiative. We strive to make your overall dealership life less of a hassle – fewer unnecessary tasks, more satisfied customers.

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