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Online Service Booking (OSB) is a fully integrated web page, that sits on your own dealership website - allowing your customers to book and manage their service appointments online. By entering their registration and kilometres, your customers can quickly sign up for the time spot that best suits you. And because it’s integrated in real-time, you’ll see the appointment show up straight away in your DMS screen.

The possibilities only go on from there. Through your website and eraPower, there will be the option for customers to create an account, allowing them to view their vehicle, book a service, modify a booking, cancel a booking, as well as view service history and previous invoice details - all in real time. The account setup can be done by the customer from home or by the service advisor in eraPower, who can easily identify whether the customer has already registered online or not.

For further simplicity, workshop availability, synchronised operation codes and pricing are fed directly from eraPower, meaning there is no need to double key entries. Bookings are made in real time, based on selected booking availability. Dealers are even able to setup recommended services for their customers when the booking is created.

The best part about Online Service Booking is your dealership is now open to the public 24/7, without expending extra manpower, and without you having to lift a finger.

If you’d like to learn more about Integrated OSB, please speak to your Business Relationship Manager.


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