Aust & NZ
6th May 2014

The Australian Government recently made statutory changes to the Luxury Car Tax (LCT). The challenge for Pentana Solutions was to develop caterings for these changes for our Australian ERP customer base quickly and effectively as the changes went into effect the first of May.

Pentana Solutions has launched the first initiations of the Luxury Car Tax changes and have made three quick video tutorials to better show you how to use these changes. By watching the less than five minute videos, you’re able to quickly see what options in ERAnet were added and how you can use them to your benefit.

The options implemented - such as the ability to determine what categories of bonuses can be added to deals for specific users, or the ability to setup your own categories by entering a code and audit-friendly description - enable you to stay compliant with the recently added ATO requirements and make sure you’re ready come auditing time.

The three new videos address the changes on the Showroom Maintenance screen, Factory Bonus Categories screen and Factory Bonus Maintenance screen. With these videos, you’re taken step by step through each change with explanations as to why the changes were made.

If you’d like to watch, please login to ServiceNow. Click Quick Views on the leftside of your screen and find the Quick View videos pertaining to LCT as shown below.

Quick Views on LCT
Quick Views on LCT

Watch here!