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9th Jan 2014

It is a guarantee in most dealerships that just this week, day, hour - the parts department will source a part from outside of their dealership. Whether it’s through back order, or sourcing from a fellow trading dealership, the trading process is inevitable in an ever-changing automotive parts environment. The scenario isn’t changing - what is though, is how it’s done.

The old way of sourcing parts from other dealerships consists of too many steps, costs and time. Manual order books, phone calls, purchase orders written, double key entries and paperwork are a thing of the past. Today, with advanced communications technology, Pentana Solutions makes it possible to trade parts with other dealerships on agreement - without the hassle.

Through Pentana Solutions’ B2B parts trading software, the process of ordering parts is removed of barriers and replaced with simple, electronic automation. Pentana Solutions’ CLERA product, used in tandem with your dealer management system ERAnet, automates the previously manual stages in parts ordering: Inquiry, Ordering, Linking each order to the customer, Producing purchase orders, Receipting and Delivering the right parts to the person that ordered them, on-time.

The entire order and purchasing process is electronically done through your dealer management system. How? ERAnet keeps an uploaded list of your entire inventory, and allows dealers with whom you have a mutual trading agreement with, the opportunity to search that list for parts they may need. Essentially, selling unused parts without you having to do anything at all. CLERA software harbors an extreme high functionality, eliminating the need for you to manually input what parts you have available. With CLERA’s capabilities, you - and the dealers you trade with - already know.

On the other hand, when you need a part, no longer rely on lengthy backorder times or long goose chases to receive it. Instead, easily order from dealers that already have it in your network. With CLERA, have a look into your pre-agreed trading dealerships’ inventory - through your own ERAnet screen - and select what you need. No more waiting and no more searching.

The way Pentana Solutions uses cutting-edge technology to integrate its CLERA software with ERAnet saves hours of time, stacks of paper, and removes the need for double entry and error correction. Essentially, transforming the way parts are traded. View the parts stock information of all dealers whom you have a trading relationship with, in real-time. View it, order it and have it delivered all from your ERAnet screen.

Increasing your bottom-line return, CLERA software is a must for any dealership in Australia looking to fully capitalize on their parts department.

Trade Parts Through ERAnet
Trade Parts Through ERAnet