Aust & NZ
29th Aug 2021

At Pentana Solutions, we have asked our teams to continue to working with our customers through digital channels as much as possible, especially in states and countries that are currently in different stages of lockdown.

During this period, our commitment to deliver innovative solutions to our customers remains stronger than ever. Our core company values – Respect, Integrity, Trust, Communication, and Honesty – continue to guide everything we do to ensure we deliver at the highest levels of performance, availability, and security.

As our next survey period begins on the 1st of September, our amazing teams will be in touch with you to ask for your feedback.

Let’s hear from some of our customers:

“We have seen real improvements in incident support.”

“The team at Pentana have been great partners for our business.”

“Pentana field staff understand our business and have been patient with us as we work through challenging times.”

“We’re really excited to see more features being added to our DealerPRO DMS.”

What you may have missed so far:


  • We held Top Gear Live, our first-ever virtual event aimed at providing our global customers with in-depth insights into trends, emerging new technology, and omni-channel strategies across all aspects of retail dealerships and OEM’s. Click here to see a full list of agenda.
  • This event was attended by over 1,800 people. If you’ve missed the event and would like to re-watch a session, get in touch with your Business Relationship Manager (BRM) today.


  • In Italy: We introduced Sipad.Power – a web-based application designed to reinvent your DMS experience that provides ultimate flexibility for users. More information will be released at the Automotive Dealer Day – 14-16 September 2021. Register here.
  • In Asia and ANZ: We released our latest version of DealerPRO DMS, which includes multi-tenant architecture that offers easier access to future updates.
  • In Asia and ANZ: eraPower 3.5 release contained 279 innovation items completed, leading to our biggest and most stable release to date. With a focus on quality, this full powerPack release provided over 120 individual fixes and 14 new product enhancements. Full release notes can be found through our Customer Services Portal.
  • Based on previous feedback, we have put together a User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) team, who have been tasked with creating a standardised design process. This is now in practice for new developments, through which we’ve received positive feedback from our focus groups.


  • Our OEMs and customers are our integral partners as we work together to navigate digital transformation and its impact on the automotive industry.
  • We are providing better customer experience with the ability to easily purchase OEM interfaces through our online store. View a full list of available products today through our Customer Services Portal.


  • Since the release of our online learning solution, Pentana EDGE, there have been 14,973 customer enrolments. This solution was implemented as a direct result of previous Torque surveys.
  • We’ve installed an average of 73% of projects remotely, which significantly reduced on-charged travel costs to our customers.
  • Various focus groups were also held between our product team and customers across all states in Australia to better understand solutions that will help drive efficiency and profitability for their business. If you’re interested in our next focus group, speak to your local BRM today.


  • More recently, we’ve delivered ‘Tips and Tricks’ to help our customers navigate their business better during this time. Visit Pentana Solutions’ blog for more information.
  • We continue to provide free online training to our customers globally on a monthly basis, with recordings available for on-demand access.

What’s Next?

We want to make sure to keep you updated, and always value your questions, ideas and feedback. We’re committed to being your ongoing business partner.

If you’ve completed our Torque survey this time last year, your local BRM/Account Manager should be in touch to organise a meeting with you to discuss your needs and concerns. For those that have completed the survey earlier in March 2021 and have other concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at