Aust & NZ
22nd May 2024

We are excited to share a results summary of our TORQUE Decision Maker Survey, recently completed in March 2024. We conduct these surveys on a bi-annual basis with two distinct groups to hear the opinions and feedback from those who matter the most; our customers. We are very pleased to announce that a general trend of improvement across the majority of our business areas was observed globally.

Here is a deeper dive into our findings:

  • 89% of our customers said they would recommend us, a 6% increase in global satisfaction since our last survey.
  • 93% of respondents view us as innovative, showcasing our consistent commitment to innovation.

The following graph provides a summary of our global satisfaction results by Enterprise Resource Planning:

Survey Results By Region

In Australia and New Zealand:

  • 84% of our customers in ANZ said they would recommend us.
  • This indicates an 8% rise in our customer satisfaction rating since our previous survey.

In Asia:

  • 95% of our customers in Asia said they would recommend us.
  • Our help desk achieved its highest satisfaction rating in the Asia region, with 84% of customers pleased with their services.

And finally in Europe:

  • 94% of our customers in Europe said they would recommend us.
  • 82% of our customers surveyed said they were satisfied with our product offering in Europe.

A Snapshot of Our Customer Feedback

“Engagement, account management and rapport are always top notch with Pentana Solutions. They are second to none in this space”

“We are a happy customer with the improvement in performance & stability over the time. DMS is functional and easy to use”

“The product is good and the work of those who make it available is equally appreciable”

“The products are highly innovative”

“Pentana does some great work with some great people”

Product-Related Survey Results

We have also completed two product-related surveys as part of the TORQUE Customer Feedback Program, with the following results:

  • 73% of our DealerSocket customers said they would recommend us.
  • 89% of our Sipad.Power customers said they would recommend us.

What’s Next?

We aim to consistently communicate on ways we are improving our customer experience and product updates based on the feedback we have received from our customers. If you have any questions or further concerns regarding our TORQUE Customer Feedback Program, feel free to contact your Business Relationship Manager/Account Manager or email our team at