Aust & NZ
22nd Mar 2024

​For five decades, our commitment to growth and innovation has been deeply rooted in meeting our customers’ expectations and demands. 50 years later our commitment to understanding and fulfilling their needs is as strong as when we began. That’s exactly the essence the Torque Decision Maker Survey is designed to capture.

Our last round of surveys in September 2023 saw impressive results with an 89% participation rate from our customers, showing their keen interest in sharing valuable insights. 84% of surveyed customers expressed their willingness to recommend us to others, marking a 3% increase compared to the previous year. Additionally, 91% of respondents recognised our innovative spirit, with Pentana Solutions being seen as an innovative company, a 4% increase compared to September 2022.

Over the past few months, our focus has been on translating our customers’ feedback and insights into tangible enhancements and improvements. Here’s a look at what we’ve accomplished so far.

  • Product Enhancements and Fixed Bugs

Our software updates now use the latest frameworks, enabling product updates with minimal disruptions. This has led to a 12% decrease in incidents over the past year, improving customer product experience Streamlined Remote Installs and Communications

  • Streamlined Remote Installs and Communications

Follow-up communication plans now consistently update customers during and after installation. This increased transparency has improved project completion rates and achieved a 97% customer satisfaction rate.

  • Customer Voice: Ideation to Deployment

Pentana’s Product Management team launched the Customer Voice program, actively involving interested customers in our innovation process from idea to product deployment. In the past year, we’ve had 20 customer visits.

  • Improved Product Education

Our BRM quarterly program, “Accelerate,” showcases new Pentana Solutions products to help customers maximise their benefits and provide valuable product insights. Over the past year, we’ve conducted an average of 37 monthly sessions.

  • Upgrading Customer Service Efficiency

Pentana AI aids in handling customer queries and resolving incidents. Our focus is on incident logging, including creating videos to assist Customer Services and Pentana AI in addressing incidents promptly.

As we aim to ensure we survey our entire customer base and all appropriate decision-makers, we have separated the survey into two distinct groups and conduct surveys in March and September. We are thrilled to announce that our business relationship managers have begun actively engaging with the first cohort of decision-makers for 2024 for their feedback in our March round of the Torque Decision Maker Survey.

We greatly appreciate the feedback from our customers and keenly await new insights we are set to gain from our March Surveys. Stay tuned in the upcoming months for when we begin to share our findings from the March 2024 round of the Torque Decision Maker Survey!