Aust & NZ
7th Dec 2016

The annual stocktake consumes time and resources; but it’s a necessary evil and can’t be ignored. We’ve identified the familiar, painful aspects of the end of financial year rush and developed key tools to revolutionise your parts department during stocktake time and beyond.

5. The best use of space.

You may not notice it at the end of the financial year, but space efficiency within your parts department is dependent on our ability to interpret space. We will always inherently allocate more room for a part than is truly necessary, missing opportunities to maximise space and optimise inventory location.

4. The end of June deadline.

Performing a stocktake in a month is an arduous task, particularly when it’s performed manually. Do you shut down your parts department to focus on the task? Or does it mean working out of business hours for a week to complete stocktake?

3. Trying to account for every part.

Trying to navigate through the warehouse to find a specific part or work out why inventory numbers don’t match is frustrating. It involves going through order after order to try and track down where and why something was ordered and what happened to it. A process made even more frustrating when you think about the time your team spends entering and double-keying ordered and receipted parts into the required system.

2. It drains your team.

Relying on key people within your team to complete inventory management tasks because they are the only people who understand the system takes a toll on your best players. Challenges within the system also make training new staff complicated and time consuming, with much of the training process left to on the job experience. Your team are exhausted by the time we reach July.

1. It’s a complicated process every year.

There are too many systems, too many steps, too many parts and too little time. There are so many intricacies involved that you really can’t afford to change the process or look for a better method during the end of the financial year. There’s no point disrupting your team with new technology they can’t understand during such an important time for your parts department.

The Answer is Here!

Sound familiar? If this is your dealership year after year, then you’ll be pleased to know that we’ve developed a solution to streamline your stocktake process and take the pain out of the end of financial year.

Take control of your parts department with spare parts locations for shelving, picking, shipping and dispatch labels and clearly identify inventory locations for a clear route to stocktake. Perform rolling stocktakes all year round or monitor inventory weekly with real time reporting. Handheld scanners make managing your parts department quick and easy, so you can forget about those key person dependencies. There’s no need to dedicate two members for 1.5 hours to assist with stocktake. 120 lines can be scanned and checked in just 20 minutes - all this and more with Logistic Solutions.

Integration with your Dealer Management System means you could work through stocktake in half the time with automated processes and united systems, so you can get ahead of stocktake by completing the work as you go through the ordering and receipting process. Automated Parts Receipting eliminates the need for manual entry of parts information, resulting in greater levels of accuracy and increasing efficiency of unpacking by 60%. In addition, our parts ordering solution transfers orders directly to the PC for upload directly into the manufacturer system, completely removing existing double-key methods.

Our Parts Management solutions focus on accuracy, efficiency and data integrity so you don’t have to. To find out how our three phrased approach can implement all of the above AND provide return on investment within the first year, act now and complete the form below.