Aust & NZ
11th Apr 2024

During March, Pentana Solutions’ Melbourne Head Office was filled with nostalgia as a collection of our Shareholders, Board, Partners, and their families came together to celebrate the company’s 50th Anniversary. The event provided a chance for multiple generations of the Pentana family to unite and reflect on our rich history and share stories that have shaped our journey over the past five decades. Together they celebrated the company, and its people; looking back over the years with a profound sense of pride to see how far Pentana Solutions has come today.

The event featured a series of speeches that highlighted the pivotal moments and people that have defined the company. Chairman Greg Roebuck, reflected on the remarkable 50-year journey, sharing insightful stories of the company’s early days with DealerLink and General Motors. Followed by Chief Executive Officer, Steve Kloss who emphasised the critical role the people of Pentana have played and will continue to play. He went on to highlight the early origins of the Future Star program and the significance of the talent development programs on our company culture. Non-Executive Director, Rod Dux took attendees through the 10 most significant milestones of our partnership, underlining the rare continuity of our shareholder group over the decades. Non-Executive Director and member of the Rising Generation, Lauren Pisciotta, provided a touching family perspective, sharing stories of her father’s dedication and commitment to the company and her excitement for Pentana Solutions’ future.

Pentana Solutions' Shareholders, Board, Partners - celebrations at our 50th Anniversary Dinner
Pentana Solutions’ Shareholders, Board, Partners - celebrations at our 50th Anniversary Dinner

The evening was capped off with the unveiling of a prestigious new accolade celebrating an outstanding individual who has contributed to the culture, fabric, and spirit of the company and guided Pentana Solutions from its inception. The inaugural presentation of the esteemed Pisciotta Medal was bestowed to Wal Pisciotta for his services to the company. Our Chairman, Greg Roebuck, gave a touching tribute as he presented the inaugural Pisciotta Medal to Wal Pisciotta.

Pisciotta Medal: (Presented by Greg Roebuck)

“Wal Pisciotta established Pentana Solutions in 1974 with a passionate desire to help our customers improve the dealerships that they ran.

For the next 26 years, Wal led the company as CEO with an extraordinary vision for what the company could become. Always with an approach through the lens that people are at the heart of all we do.

Living the En.R.I.T.C.H. values of Enjoyment, Respect, Integrity, Trust, Communication, and Honesty, through our people and with our customers, in all we do. Wal has an incredible belief in the En.R.I.T.C.H. values, having led the company to originate these as a way of living life not just within the company, but also outside in everyday life.

The Pisciotta family paves an enduring legacy for our company, and it is with great pride and gratitude that this award is named in their honour. It is appropriate that the inaugural Pisciotta Medal is presented to none other than Wal Pisciotta.”

Wal Pisciotta (pictured above wearing the Pisciotta Medal) - founded the company, managed the acquisition of Reynolds and Reynolds, sold systems, built a reputation, and developed relationships with our customers that still live on today.