Aust & NZ
8th Nov 2021

Values are an incredibly important attribute to Pentana Solutions, our employees and overall business success.

In 1994, our first set of guiding principles R.I.T.C.H. was created by employees to be a driving factor in the way we carried out daily business. Fast-forward to now, we have added a new value to complement our original set and reintroduced our values as En.R.I.T.C.H.

Our values lay the foundation for what we care about most. It provides a common purpose that all employees understand, work towards and live by. More importantly, when we define what each value represents, our people can understand the behaviours that are expected of them that will lead to success. These core values have and will continue to support our vision and shape our culture. We are extremely proud of these values and we hope this new level of transparency shines a light on the importance our values have in guiding decisions and behaviour in our organisation.

- Tammy Kokkinos, Executive of People and Culture

Our En.R.I.T.C.H. values act as the cornerstone for everything we, as a business, do. Our values can best be described as:

  • Enjoyment: Choosing to make a difference and share successes by working as a team. Enjoyment amplifies everything we do.
  • Respect: Being considerate by acting with curiosity towards each other and our surroundings.
  • Integrity: Being sincere and following through on our commitments.
  • Trust: Having confidence in our people and empowering them with the autonomy to make decisions.
  • Communication: Listening, questioning, accepting, and sharing ideas with openness.
  • Honesty: Being transparent, ethical, and fair in the way we act.

We are so excited to introduce our newest value, Enjoyment. We know that when people feel valued, fulfilled, and enjoy what they do, they have greater performance outcomes and better engagement. The leadership team felt this addition was necessary as we endeavour to remain innovative and enhance our values to emphasise the importance we place on creating a holistic people experience.

To hold ourselves accountable and further embed our values, Pentana Solutions created Our Pentana. Our Pentana is our culture strategy designed to assist both leaders and employees in living our values through the assistance of programs and initiatives.

Some key initiatives include:

  • THRIVE, a well-being at work program dedicated to encourage our employees’ physical, mental, and social wellbeing.
  • Future Stars program, a learning and development initiative that highlights and upskills budding talent within the business.
  • A strong focus on reward and recognition designed to acknowledge and appreciate our teams for their hard work.
  • Hackathon, an annual event designed to generate product and process innovation in a team-based competition.

In this new chapter of Pentana Solutions history, we look forward to watching our values and culture thrive, as well as continuing to see our organisation bring out the best in ourselves and others.