Aust & NZ
14th Feb 2021

What does 2021 and beyond mean to the automotive industry in New Zealand? With more choices being offered, quicker access to information and lesser incentives to remain loyal, today’s customers are more educated than ever and in control of their relationships with car dealerships. Traditional business models and practices are under threat, which means automotive OEMs and dealerships need to be ready to adapt.

A study by PwC found that consumers will pay more for a better experience. So, what exactly are consumers expecting from their experiences? Speed and efficiency came first to Australia and New Zealand consumers at 78%, followed closely by ease of payment and knowledgeable employees (Source: PwC Future of Customer Experience Survey).

We cannot deny that consumers are now expecting immediately responsive services like never before. We all work so hard to manage day-to-day business operations, whilst dealing with multitude of challenges. It is easy to get distracted and forget what is most important to our business – our customers and their experiences with the dealership. When was the last time you mystery-shopped your own dealership to see what it is like from a customer perspective? How long did you have to wait on the phone or how long did it take for someone to respond to your online inquiry? How was the guest experience when you walked into the showroom or service department? All too often, customers are left to feel underwhelmed and disappointed.

One of the biggest challenges I see in dealerships today is their internal processes getting in the way and slowing down customers and their purchases. Sales Managers should have customer information on mobile devices, be waiting to scan the customer’s driver licence, complete the test drive, and sign the VOSA electronically. The whole process needs to be easy, fast and transparent.

OEMs are now also focussed on guest experience and incentivising dealers around exceeding customer expectations. This all starts in the service driveway. No more waiting in queues to be served or pre-printing repair orders the night before. Interactive mobile apps will revolutionise your dealership and customer engagement by providing speed, accuracy and consistency across your service department.

By embracing technology and mobile apps such as Service Concierge, Loan Car, and Test Drive, dealership staff members are empowered to be experience creators for your dealership. The right technology allows them to spend more time with the customers, building emotional connections and delivering personalised experiences that foster long-term loyalty.

With the right profit-generating technologies and automated business processes your dealership can not only reduce costs and increase profitability, but nurture customer satisfaction and loyalty.