Aust & NZ
16th Apr 2015

A reminder that the Motor Vehicle Repairs Act 1980 will be officially replaced on 1st May 2015. Below are a number of changes and updates that Dealers need to be across.

Registers (Policebook) and Forms Changes

The replacement of the Motor Vehicle Repairs Act with the NSW Motor Dealers and Repairers Act 2013 will affect forms. New forms have been introduced, others modified and some repealed, additionally forms are required to be printed, filed and archived by dealerships. According to NSW Fair Trading, existing and new forms can be utilised until the end of the Transition Period; however after 1st May 2015, only new forms are to be used. Support for these changes will be provided by Pentana Solutions to all Eranet, DealerPro and NOVA customers.

Keeping the Transaction Register - Update

The Pentana Solutions’ innovations team have been working tirelessly to provide you with new functionality to accommodate the government mandated changes. As such, the new DMS Police Book changes will be distributed to Dealers, commencing the week of the 23rd April. Documentation & a Quick View video will be released prior to the 23rd of April.

Beforehand, Dealers are asked to read-up on the required changes here.

Further Considerations

At this statutory milestone, Pentana Solutions suggests that dealerships consider the following within their business:

1. Engage the NSW Fair Trading through their compliance specialists, (Phone: 13 32 20; Email:

2. Review processes carried out by sales staff to ensure Registers and Forms are produced, maintained and archived as per the statutory requirements

3. Consider a training regime utilising DocuSmart to bring all employees into line with current requirements

4. Should you be unsure about your business’s compliance which this new requirement seek professional legal advice today

For more information on anything mentioned above, please do not hesitate to contact us here.