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23rd Jan 2023

Get Ready for Top Gear Live 2023!

As preparations are in place for our second Top Gear Live on the 21st and 22nd of February, 2023, let’s look back on the how Top Gear Live began.

Not many people know that Top Gear Live is actually part of a wider customer engagement initiative, called Top Gear. Launched by Pentana Solutions in 2017, the Top Gear initiative began with Top Gear Quarterly Presentations delivered by our Business Relationship Managers. These presentations provided customers with personalised information and recommendations to increase their utilisation and understanding of the solutions and services employed within their business. A critical touchpoint for communication and feedback, these sessions provide an important opportunity to engage in critical conversations around our products and services, and the role of Pentana Solutions in the future of their business.

As more Top Gear Presentations we delivered, we began to see the emergence of common themes within our customer’s experiences. To address these questions and concerns across a wider audience, the Top Gear initiative grew to include monthly webinars within local markets. Through our Top Gear Presentations and Webinars we are able to gain vital feedback; guiding the decision-making of Pentana Solutions. The Top Gear Initiative has proven to be invaluable in strengthening the relationships we have with our customers.

The Evolution Top Gear Live

The success of these two Top Gear programs led us to explore how these important conversations could take place on a larger stage. Our aim was to design an experience that connects a large audience of skilled individuals and reflects the diversity of work that we do across our global networks. As well as showcasing our products, we wanted a platform to celebrate the thought leadership of members of the Pentana Solutions community across our global offices. And thus, Top Gear Live was born.

Run for the first time in 2021, Top Gear Live is a virtual customer convention, featuring in-depth presentations from our industry experts and keynote speakers. In 2021, Top Gear Live allowed us to connect with customers across the globe¬ and introduce exciting product developments at Pentana Solutions. We were absolutely thrilled with the response we received with well over 1000 decision makers attending the event.

Top Gear Live 2023 - Driving Thought Leadership in the Industry

This year we are absolutely thrilled to announce that Top Gear Live 2023 will take place on the 21st and 22nd of February. Over two days we will be featuring in-depth presentations delivered by our knowledgeable industry experts and amazing keynote speakers. Running from 10am to 10pm in multiple languages each day, Top Gear Live is a truly global event.

We are very excited about the variety of presenters we have lined up for this year’s Top Gear Live; allowing us to cover an impressively diverse selection of topics. Get ready for some world-class presentations on industry trends, emerging technologies, omnichannel strategies, and more.

“Regardless of the role you play in the industry, Top Gear Live 2023 is the event for you. We are so excited about our diverse collection of presentations on the latest technologies, emerging trends, best practices and thought leadership across various fields. We can’t wait to see you there!” - Steve Kloss, Pentana Solutions Chief Executive Officer

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