Aust & NZ
14th Jul 2016

Increasing sales revenue is a constant thought throughout the minds of many who are travelling on the road to success. When it comes time to talk about sales processes, uncertainty wanders into the mind as change can result in the journey being a success or something that’s never mentioned again.

It’s eraPower’s sales process transparency which assists the user in understanding the flow, meaning less time in software administration, and more time customer facing or working on a sale. Through the use of intuitive interfaces, users can quickly determine the amount of demonstrations and appointments along with any outstanding tasks.

With a click of a button, sales staff can switch between weekly and daily views to see activity booked for the future. What this really means, is an increase to your customer satisfaction because your sales team will be much better organised and better balanced for the week ahead.

Increase in CSI through an organised sales team

It’s from this position you’re able to watch the increase in your sales revenue. The external spreadsheets and external customer relationship management tools can be thrown away. A clunky and difficult to use dealer management system can lead your business on a different path than your business goals require. Through organisation in your sales department, customer satisfaction can increase as conversations can be more about the customer needs and less focus on the sales team reaching their targets.

Based on what you already know about selling, we’ve aligned eraPower to make it easier for your sales team to reach their targets. How can we be so confident about this? Because sales is about numbers, the more contacts added and follow-ups made, combined with your exceptional reputation within the industry can assist a customer to make a decision in a timely manner.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Sales activity is the difference between a business saying it will increase its revenue and a business actually increasing its revenue. With the visibility of sales opportunities and activities, day to day, week to week and month to month, monitoring and forward planning are much easier using, eraPower.

We’re well aware you’re working on ways to increase the number of customers along with the size of their transaction and its eraPower’s core functionality which supports strategy’s to increase revenue.

With important key metrics of sales activity available for easy access in eraPower, it’s a game-changing innovation aligning with your business direction. Watch your sales revenue grow and achieve your sales targets today.

Now, repeat after me….

I want to watch my sales revenue grow and achieve my sales targets by using eraPower: