Aust & NZ
9th Nov 2016

Service Enhancements

Intuitive, flexible and re-imagined functionality. The terminology used to describe our Game changing DMS eraPower.

Our actions in continuous improvement are based on best practise and user feedback, further to this we’re pleased to say this month we have developed a number of updates for eraPower. This update is being released in our latest eraPower PowerPack.

Customers on the eraPower DMS will notice the following changes to eraPower Service:

• Technician clocked on alert has been added to RO Summary, which also includes identification by job. This will immediately alert the Advisor if a job is still being worked on when trying to cost an RO, instead of waiting until the invoice warning occurs or each job is reviewed individually.

• Complaint display in RO summary. Job complaints display at a glance so the advisor can easily see the operation complaints instead of going to the job detail page and reviewing one at a time.

• Job number display in summary page. As jobs are referred to by numbers we are making it easier for the advisor to identify them.

• Entry of comments and recommendation in the RO summary page. This allows Advisors to enter comments and recommendations directly in the RO summary page and no longer have to go to a different page and to enter the text. It also makes it faster to correct or make changes. The old separate comments and recommendations page is be removed.

• Labour clock time by job will display in summary page. This means the Advisor no longer needs to go to the job detail page to determine if a job has been clocked onto or what the total clock time is.

• Labour time page operation complaint displays, making it easier for the advisor to identify the jobs.

• Labour time page job number display. As jobs are referred to by numbers we are making it easier for the advisor to identify them.

• Labour time page job selection now includes the number, opcode and description making it easier to identify, select and/or view relevant job clocking’s.

We will update our customers as future PowerPacks become available.