Aust & NZ
23rd Sep 2016

Whether it be pushing through the daily grind, working overtime or even performing tasks which are often the most delegated around the office, there will be a moment when motivation is low. Some of these tasks can be streamlined while other tasks which require a creative element need to be carefully planned and executed in order to achieve the intended goal. Pentana Solutions’ reputation in the automotive industry is that of a solutions provider who consistently delivers innovative software which transforms the daily operations of a business. When it comes to Dealer Management Systems, there is no exception as eraPower is changing the automotive software game. It’s the innovation which enhances a process to be more reflective of the real environment, making the task at hand more appealing.

Upon first seeing eraPower during a product demonstration, a well-respected member of the automotive industry made the comment “this will change the way business is done in the automotive industry”. Whilst change for many people can be a daunting process, when the new DMS improves process efficiency and has an impact on business revenue then it can be justified more easily.

It’s the intuitiveness in the eraPower functions which is changing the game. To many people in the automotive industry, the word intuitive means ‘clever’ or ‘advance’ however in the sense of eraPower its true reflection is in the design of the process and operation.

eraPower understands the necessary steps in the path to a new vehicle sale, a service appointment or even the most complex back-end accounting procedure and provides an increase in efficiency in each process. From what the users notice, the most intuitive part of eraPower is the way in which for the user the process is broken down into creative screens taking the chunkiness out of the daily operation.

The real life benefits of intuitive screens relate to staff training as each screen has been developed to be easy to understand. A new staff member or first-time user can quickly learn the important functions whilst having an appreciated for the entire process. For the user, this means less knowledge about a computer program or system and more knowledge of your vehicles and accessories business product portfolio including features and benefits which is the information that actually counts when making a sale or upselling a service.

The largest change to the automotive industry is removing the chains keeping staff tethered to a desk when performing sales orientated tasks. eraPower provides flexibility to take your DMS to the customer allowing you to approach them at a place they’re happy to engage and begin a conversation with a wealth of knowledge in hand. Further to this, any contact details can be captured on the spot and entered directly into eraPower making the follow up possible at a later date.

eraPower is changing the game in the automotive industry, to begin the journey and request a demonstration, complete the below form: