Aust & NZ
15th Jan 2014

Last month saw great news for DealerSocket customers, as the software’s most recent release included several major contributions to its functionality. Including but not limited to SMS messaging, pivot tables, finance data in campaigns, and email weblead delivery functionality - DealerSocket made several advancements, continuing to prove itself a step ahead of the rest.

SMS Messaging

Both DealerSocket and ERAnet SMSLink users can now send SMS messages from within DealerSocket. The SMS messages can be sent from either List Builder or Campaign Milestones, both found within DealerSocket. If using List Builder – users will now see a new icon at the top of their screen after building a query, along with the options to export to Excel or enrol in a marketing campaign. Alternatively, DealerSocket customers can add SMS milestones to their marketing campaigns, personalising SMS messages through the use of code snippets.

*Campaign SMS templates are setup in Admin Menu - Email Lead & Text Admin - Text Template Setup. If your users are unable to see this option in the admin menu, please advise your system admin to check that the “Texting” permission has been enabled for users at your site.

New Pivot Tables

DealerSocket customers can now access the powerful reporting capabilities of MS Excel from within DealerSocket. Pivot reports now appear in the Management - Reports menu; giving you access to create the following available reports

  • New Prospects Report

  • Sales Pipeline Report

  • Sold / Lost Report

  • Activity Pipeline Report

  • QA Summary Report

*Before pivot reports can be used on any PC please click on Management - Reports, and beneath the list of reports on the LHS of the reports screen, click the small hyperlink labelled “Download Required Web Components”.

Finance Data Used in Campaigns

Tired of double typing? Want to target specific finance campaigns? As of now, if finance information has been entered into ERAnet before a deal has been processed, the data can then be used in DealerSocket for use in marketing campaigns.

DealerSocket can input finance information into the following fields

  • Residual Value

  • Term

  • Interest Rate

  • Monthly Payment

  • Lender

If you haven’t used the finance fields in ERAnet yet, you’re not out of luck. Pentana Solutions is able to perform an import of historical finance data, provided you can supply us a spreadsheet containing data relating to the fields listed above in .csv format. Once data has been imported, these fields can be accessed to build campaigns targeted towards customers who may be approaching the end of their loan term, or even re-finance for a lower monthly repayment or interest rate.

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