Aust & NZ
22nd Sep 2014

We can’t say it enough, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software works wonders for automotive dealers across the world. It doesn’t matter which franchise, price point, or prime marketing area you operate within because the value of email marketing is clear and measurable.

Usually we see showrooms utilising the tool to maximise foot traffic - converting existing clients and lost customers into sales - but this next example of effective CRM use lies in the service department.

Max Pennington’s AutoCity & DealerSocket CRM System

Based in the Taranaki region of New Zealand, the team at Max Pennington’s AutoCity is familiar with the work that is required to stay competitive. The continued investment in marketing and CRM is core to their nine top new car franchises and position as Taranaki’s leading service agent for Holden, Mazda, Nissan and Suzuki vehicles.

More recently, Max Pennington’s AutoCity announced an addition to their service business - a new site specialising in budget services. The introduction of this new site to the market became the perfect opportunity to test the effectiveness of their marketing investment in the DealerSocket CRM System.

DealerSocket CRM System Provides Value Across the Board

The management team at Max Pennington’s AutoCity originally looked at implementing DealerSocket CRM for a number of reasons. They already had a clear set of processes driving their marketing and CRM efforts internally but required a solution that would keep them at the leading edge of technology. Furthermore, the management team wanted everyone in the dealership to work on the same software solution from accounting, service, marketing to sales – and this needed to be as efficient as possible. The CRM Max Pennington’s needed had to be seamlessly integrated with the solution that facilitated every part of their daily sales and operations.

The DealerSocket CRM System answered all of these needs when implemented with ERAnet.

Making and Saving Money with the Integrated DealerSocket CRM System

Using DealerSocket CRM integrated with ERAnet, Max Pennington’s new Marketing Manager sent out an introductory email on their new budget service location. The introductory email offered wheel alignment at a special price of $49 NZ and resulted in 7 bookings in the first 30 minutes after the email was sent. On top of these bookings, the use of the DealerSocket CRM System saved Max Pennington’s from paying 25% commission on an online special wheel alignment price advertised through a third party.

Max Pennington’s AutoCity is seeing marked success from their efforts and investment in DealerSocket CRM and are more than happy to speak further on their experiences.

If your dealership wants to expand further into the realms of CRM, direct marketing and email campaigns contact us today so we can tailor a complete solution.