Aust & NZ
2nd Jun 2015

CRM has to be a strategy, not a project.

With this concept in mind Stuart Charman, one of Pentana Solutions’ CRM Strategic Consultants takes 50 minutes at the Power Summit to guide dealers through the strategic milestones of CRM within dealership businesses.

CRM Fast Facts:

- 70% of the buyers experience is based on how the customer believes they’ve been treated
- 28% of new vehicle sales are from repeat customers
- Repeat customers are the most profitable for dealerships in Australia and New Zealand

Within this presentation, Stuart talks through more than 15 CRM and marketing initiatives for automotive dealerships.

These tips include the following:
- Management buy-in
- Data cleansing
- Report monitoring and dash-boarding
- On-going training
- Self-assessment of weak points
- Acceptance of CRM as a strategy and business function rather than just an IT tool

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