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28th Jan 2014

There is an ever-present buzz surrounding one particular automotive group in the Philippines: The LICA Group.

For 50 years, The LICA Group has made remarkable strides in the automotive industry, comprising the leading group of multi-brand full-service car dealerships in the country. Their list of franchises includes BMW, Nissan, Chevrolet, Volvo, Hyundai, Kia and Suzuki. In addition, The LICA Group is involved in used car dealerships, rent-a-car, leasing, parts and equipment distribution.

As a leader in the region, The LICA Group have capitalised on Asia’s soaring used vehicle market by owning, franchising and managing the country’s number one service centre chain, Rapide. Presently there are over 60 Rapide service centres in the Philippines, providing vehicle services for brakes, steering, suspension, climate control and maintenance. Presiding as a market leader across multiple channels of industry, many would be curious as to how they manage it all.

For The LICA group, consistency is key. Key stakeholders put enormous value in keeping all arms and legs of their business operating in a similar time and manner. What seemed like their biggest challenge quickly became their biggest opportunity when choosing their dealer management and CRM software. With the best fit software, they found the ability to use only one database across all new and used car dealerships and Rapide service centres, allowing for centralised accounting, admin tasks, sales and customer communications.

The LICA Group found its best software fit in Pentana Solutions’ Dealer Management System (DMS), DealerPRO. Even simpler, they chose to streamline IT storage and infrastructure by running the entire solution through Pentana Solutions Cloud. DealerPRO in the Pentana Solutions Cloud allows The LICA Group to manage all facets of their business consistently through one key knowledge base. For The LICA Group itself, the benefits started almost immediately.

Thanks to running their infrastructure on Pentana Solutions Cloud, The LICA Group eliminated their dependence on hardware. Instead of the common 45 day wait for a server in the Philippines, install commenced in just one week. Moving forward, any new Rapide site can be setup in just five days, creating the prime environment for growth. Throughout implementation of DealerPRO, The LICA Group applied the “train the trainer” methodology – propelling consistency and speed of deployment throughout all sites.

Internally, their new DMS, DealerPRO, creates agility among staff, allowing for employees to move across all franchise and service centres without the need for retraining. DealerPRO has also given employees back days of their time by converting manual processes into automated processes, demonstrated immediately by the automation of the time consuming debtor’s schedule.

Externally, DealerPRO creates unmatchable convenience for LICA Group customers, allowing them to access their records at any LICA Group owned dealership or service centre in the Philippines. Moreover, all servicing and parts ordering are recorded in one historical database across franchises and service centres, creating transparency for stock that comes back in via trade-in.

The LICA group empowers its staff and its customers with this holistic business strategy; covering its bases through every part of the consumer process. They keep track of their customers from inception of new or used vehicle sales, through to chain service centres and end with confident trade-ins. Complemented by their seamless dealer management system, DealerPRO, and stress-free infrastructure, Pentana Solutions’ Cloud, The LICA Group are on track to dominate the market for 50 more years to come.

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