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15th Jun 2015

Conquer Your EOFY Sales Targets With This Simple CRM Strategy.

More Australians are entering the new car market and using the internet to help them narrow their search when buying a new vehicle. Dealers are attracting buyers by responding with increased online asset investments but are they equally matching this to create the best customer experience? Pentana Solutions looks at potential pitfalls and offers a solution…

Technology Savvy Auto Shoppers
Technology Savvy Auto Shoppers

Market Growth

The new motor vehicles market is revving up as reported in the recent April 2015 VFACTS figures (read, full article here). However, growth in the new car sales market had previously been forecasted by the Nielsen Global Automotive Demand survey. The survey, released in Q3, 2013, was based on the behaviours of respondents with online access only.

Interestingly, the Nielsen survey revealed that Australia represents a significant growth opportunity for the automotive industry. Almost three in five (fifty-eight per cent) online Australians are planning on buying a new or used car in the next two years. And one in three online Australians (thirty-four percent) had strong intentions of buying a new car, but only twenty-four percent plan to buy a used car in the next two years.

Online Usage

The ” Internet Activity, Australia”, December 2014 report by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, reported 12,691,000 Internet subscribers in Australia at the end of December 2014, an increase of two per cent from the end of December 2013. Of the 12.7 million, there were seventy-nine per cent classified as being household and individual subscribers while only twenty-one percent were business and government.

You can gain a competitive advantage by learning more about household online users. The “Household Use of Information Technology, Australia, 2012-2013” report, by the Australian Bureau of Statistics offers some key insights that you should consider when investing on online channels to best reach these customers, some of these findings include:

• Men and women Internet accessibility is almost equal, at eighty-four per cent and eighty-three per cent respectively.

• High-income earners are greater Internet users. Ninety-seven percent of those earning $120,000 are Internet users, but only seventy-seven percent of those earning less than $40,000 are Internet users.

• Highly educated people are more likely to be an Internet user. In 2012-2013, ninety-six percent of those with a Bachelor’s degree or above were Internet users, but only seventy-five percent of those educated to Year 12 or below are internet users.

• Ninety-seven percent of internet users access it from home, forty-nine percent access it at work, and forty-one percent access it at a Neighbour’s, friend’s or relative’s houses.

Buyer Preference

Traditional media have been popular channels to communicate with consumers, but it is often difficult to ascertain which one is best at reaching the right audience and provide a return on investment. Typically, a cross mix of media proves most effective when marketing, but there is some proof that one of these channels is better received by customers.

When Nielsen conducted the Media Consumption Survey across 11 countries, it found customers favouring online over other media because they felt it was most helpful in their search of a new vehicle. Likewise, the Nielsen 2012 Australian Automotive Report, found customers are more likely to visit a dealer and use the internet to aid their decision-making process when purchasing a new vehicle.

Both the Nielsen’s Media Consumption Survey and Australian Automotive Report suggest that online investing is a smart move. Would-be new car buyers go through a lengthy research process, and the internet is making it easier for them to narrow their consideration set.

However, online users are not always responsive to digital media. The “Household Use of Information Technology, Australia, 2012-2013” report by the ABS, found that almost a quarter (twenty-four percent) of Internet users in the study did not act on the ‘call to action’. The report found three main reasons why users failed to move down the purchasing funnel, understanding these reason can help you design a marketing strategy that will convert more online visitors to customers. The reasons are:

• No need to buy (Thirty-three per cent)

• Prefers to shop in Person/see the product (Twenty-four per cent)

• Security concerns (Twelve per cent)

You need to create a strong ‘Need’ to buy, offer customers reasons ‘Why’ they should visit your dealership and in the process aim to build a trusting relationship with them.

At Pentana Solutions, we agree that the Internet can provide you with maximum impact to attract buyers. However, we see some potential setbacks of this online phenomenon and we believe we can assist you in avoiding these.

Un-matched investment

As consumers, we negatively associate with businesses that poor respond to our enquiries or acknowledge our requests, favouring over those that are quick at replying and provide great customer service.

Although investing in online channels is a smart move to attracting more customers, this can backfire if you fail to equality invest on your customer service processes.

If you are investing in online channels and to avoid pitfalls, it is wise to audit your customer service processes to ensure your business is prepared to handle additional customers entering through your website.

You want to avoid any inadequacies and identify any ‘gaps’ as early as possible, particularly during busy times such as the financial year period. Your aim should be to quickly establish a rapport with customers and if possible make personal connections to help you build a trusting relationship with them early in the buying process.

This can be a challenge, if you are time poor and lack the necessary resources to successfully provide a quick turn-around. At Pentana Solutions, we have worked with hundreds of dealers experiencing these challenges and with others who are committed to going above and beyond in offering the best customer service from the outset. The Pentana Solutions Contact Centre is here to help.

Instrumental to your success

A customer contact centres can be instrumental to your success. Investing in Pentana Solutions CRM Contact Centre will help you avoid pitfalls and assist you in maintaining exceptional customer service throughout the year. As you build your contact list through online channels, the CRM contact centre can successfully

• Save you time by managing your growing contact list.

• Book ‘test drives’ and confirm ‘test drive’ appointments made online

• Provide immediate customer follow up and offer a human touch

• Run customer surveys so that you can gain further insights and identify issues.

The Pentana Solutions CRM contact centre has operated for over 12 years. With over 30 CRM contact centre sales professional employees working tirelessly to alleviate the day to day tasks from dealer’s hand – the CRM Contact Centre is able to improve your customer service and save you both time and money.

Act now, click here to be directed to our CRM contact centre revenue calculator to get an estimate number of additional deals, and extra gross revenue we can generate for you. To learn more about Pentana Solutions CRM contact centre, follow this link.