Aust & NZ
1st Nov 2014

Along with many other dealerships, the team at West End Mazda have joined our large and growing base of happy customers. Last week the General Group Manager expressed his excitement over our Cloud Computing solution.

“[Within a few hours] the new Cloud Server was fully functional and my staff didn’t even notice the difference the next day,” he said. “Absolutely outstanding work from your team… I would have no hesitation in recommending any of my fellow dealers to Pentana Cloud.”

The dealership has already experienced efficiencies in their business. With Cloud’s automatic updates, workers have more time to focus on other areas of the business.

Below we’ve listed four key benefits that Pentana Solutions’ Cloud Computing can bring to your dealership too.

Increased Security

You can count on Pentana Solutions to look after your valuable information and safeguard your business. Cloud Computing eliminates the concern over your data storage and back up. Since all of your critical business documents are hosted in the cloud, you can be assured that our fully managed software will provide protection and backup in the case of an emergency. Our data backup is automated which leaves no room for error, and additionally, you can conveniently access all of your important documents from any location that has internet connection through our secure SSL encryption solutions.

Operational Cost Reduction

It is our promise to provide our clients with the most resilient data protection and recovery, and with a price point that traditional hardware solutions cannot compete with. Every business deserves to easily protect their critical documents in the face of emergency and now you can eliminate pricey services, maintenance costs, and further reduce costs relating to power consumption. As has been illustrated by our clients at West End Mazda, it is also clear that Cloud Computing has contributed to many intangible benefits within the business, such as increased employee satisfaction, which will in turn progress towards a higher level of customer satisfaction.

Reduced Labour

Along with the stresses of safeguarding important business documents, there is the hassle of staying up-to-date with increasingly complicated servers. With our Cloud solution, you can eliminate the difficulty associated with infrastructure altogether and put your trust in our specialist skills, extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to maintaining your servers, infrastructure, storage and data back-up. This will ultimately allow your employees to focus in on other areas of the business, maximising your dealership’s efficiency and profitability.

Flexible Resources

As a ‘pay only for what you need’ service, we provide dealerships with the flexibility to customise their Cloud solution as their business grows and their needs change. We make it possible to easily adapt your service and create more room for storage with our fast install process and no additional implementation costs.

If you would like to learn more about our Cloud Computing services or how you can implement the software into your dealership, contact us today!