Aust & NZ
10th Jul 2023

It had been a long time since all our global offices had the chance to come together and connect like we did for this year’s instalment of our annual event, Pentana Day. A truly amazing experience for everyone involved as we were able to connect and interact with all our global offices through a hybrid platform for the very first time ever, crossing live simultaneously to 11 regions. We loved seeing everyone, and their reactions, to an exciting day through our various sessions.

With so many enriching parts of the day, hopefully they were all able to resonate with us all in more ways than one. Here’s a look back on the highlights of the day:

• Martin Heppell’s one of a kind presentation - The Resilience Project. A undeniably a stand out, giving us all a valuable opportunity to learn about upholding gratitude to transform our lives, having empathy to see through each other’s eyes, and practising mindfulness that challenges us in positive ways.

• Luca Mazzucchelli ‘s engaging and motivational talk on enhancing your life through embracing change, emotions and life’s experiences truly gave us all a new perspective on our everyday lives.

• It was very exciting to hear of the upcoming integration of our new volunteering initiative. An amazing opportunity to introduce and highlight Pentana’s focus to serve our community and environment through ‘PentanaCare’. Keep an eye out on everything to come surrounding

• There was so much value to be taken away from gathering around to put on our creative hats and getting hands on to build planes together, during the Community Create activity. On top of that, many new and useful ideas were discussed for upcoming fundraising and community giving opportunities for the future of the En.R.I.T.C.H. Foundation.

• Being Better Together this Pentana Day also meant we had the opportunity for new connections with other employees during our time in the Community Create and throughout the day.

• A big congratulations to our 2022 Maureen Charman Memorial Award for Continuing Excellence (ACE) winner, Donna Harding! we could all feel the excitement and the pure splendour from watching and listening in the celebrations of Pentana Day 2023: Ace Award Ceremony. A truly spectacular achievement and moment to share with the entire company.

In alignment with our guiding En.R.I.T.C.H values, Pentana Day has always been a reminder to us all for what the core of Pentana really is, our people! With the celebrations for Pentana’s 49th Birthday being so magnificent, we cannot wait to celebrate our 50th Anniversary next year for an event bigger and better than ever before!