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10th Mar 2015

Are you a Range Rover or Jeep Cherokee Dealer or Distributor? Read this.

As of the first of the month, a number of 2014 and 2015 Range Rover Models and the 2015 Jeep Cherokee have been recalled by Product Safety Recalls Australia.

For certain 2015 Jeep Cherokees, an electronic failing in the occupant restraint control (used for off-roading) causes the airbags to go off unexpectedly and unnecessarily. For safety reasons, the 2015 Jeep Cherokee needs to be reprogrammed with new software to prevent the unwanted airbag deployment and prevent future distractions.

Coincidentally, the 2015 MY Range Rover and Range Rover Sport have both been recalled as well. For some vehicles, an incorrect motor wire was installed, causing possible overheating and potential fire hazards. Owners have been directed to go to their nearest Land Rover Dealer to rectify any issues.

Are you a Dealer?

Recalls can be a time of panic and chaos for both the Dealer and the vehicle owner – a result of overworked service departments, unexpected delays, and frustrated consumers. Luckily, Pentana Solutions has helped a number of Dealers across Australia get through hundreds of recalls more smoothly and professionally.

One way Pentana Solutions can help is through its CRM Contact Centre, introduced 12 years ago specifically to appease critical situations like these. Our in-house CRM Contact Centre books service appointments on the dealerships’ behalf directly into Pentana Solutions’ dealer management systems. Our CRM contact centre employees currently represent over 80 dealerships in Australia and are well trained and experienced specifically in the automotive customer service space.

To read more about the CRM Contact Centre’s experience with safety recalls, click here or contact a representative today.

Are you a Distributor?

Should you be a distributor of Land Rover or Jeep, our stand-alone warranty system may be of better use.

Pentana Solutions offers a stand-alone warranty system designed to give distributors full control over warranty claims and recall situations. The rules-based system allows for complete customisation of each solution, catering for the different requirements of each brand out of the box in a way that’s best fit for them. Manufacturers and distributors can set prior authorisation rules for separate dealers, set up unit check alerts and recall campaign warnings, control at what distance a part is no longer covered by warranty, and under which conditions a part needs returning. These are only a few of thousands of criteria that can be manipulated to fit your needs. With user defined rules, you’re able to comply with manufacturers, suppliers, and local requirements at all times.

Quickly notifying your customers, setting up unit check alerts to inform unaware vehicle owners, and initiating recall campaign warnings go a long way in enforcing confidence in consumers, and handling crisis situations with poise and professionalism.

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