Aust & NZ
28th Sep 2015

Providing you with another pair of hands and eyes to manage your inventory.

Do you constantly struggle to plan and order the correct amount of inventory? PartsEye’s features take all the stress and hard decisions out of the parts inventory planning process. Our web based tool optimises your inventory levels and suggests stock orders based on previous sales history, trends, and demand analysis using the SmartCast forecasting tool. Chosen by numerous leading brands to facilitate their daily parts replenishment, PartsEye will take the stress out of managing your stock.

What are the advantages?

You may relate to previously sitting at your desk with stock lists printed and highlighting the key parts which need to be ordered or require constant monitoring. This process is now a thing of the past, by using PartsEye you can benefit from:

• Suggested stock orders based on previous sales

• Increase in warehouse efficiencies

• Increased picking and fill rates

• Better parts coverage for customers

• Reduction in lost sales and overall customer experience improvement

• Decrease in stock waste

So are you looking to gain another pair of hands and eyes to assist with your Inventory? Complete the form below to find out how PartsEye can assist your business in taking control of the inventory management process.