Aust & NZ
8th Apr 2016

Time management, a word which is forever thrown around office cubicles to increase efficiencies within a set time period. When an effective time management plan is actioned for a staff member, the results make a significant difference to the individual not only through a sense of achievement, however, reputation, focus, number of opportunities, and more importantly more work can be completed. It’s a win-win situation.

A diary or calendar is normally the first place we will look to map out the plan to success, they are a proven method. There’s no reason why these same principles can’t apply to your automotive workshop bays, a place where a small improvement can make a reasonable difference to the overall performance of the department. Pentana Solutions has done exactly that, our Bay Diary solution provides the ability to schedule workshop appointments, through a simple calendar broken down into bay allocation.

Bay Diary uses the principles of a calendar and applies them to a workshop environment where each workshop bay can be used for specific work. This then allows you to completely allocate your day down to the very last minute, maximising all resources to ensure they’re not being wasted. Pentana Solutions believes every minute a workshop bay is not being used is money being wasted and a customer not being satisfied.

Bay Diary provides you with a detailed look at the day ahead, meaning you can then implement strategies to manage both the front of house and back end of your workshop.

Most importantly at the front of your business, you can communicate to customers the time when their car is due to be on a hoist and request the car to be dropped off at a certain time. The customer will be happy as you can schedule each customer to come at intervals which will avoid the queues during peak times. Not only will this keep customers happy, you can schedule your staff’s hours to avoid a mad rush when cars are dropped off and collected. You may also see this as an opportunity to upsell more parts and services, or if the possibility allows show them the newer model they’ve always been talking about.

Pentana Solutions that just as important is the back end, where staff have the ability to see all of the work scheduled for the particular bay. You can see all of the cars which are booked in, the hours they’re booked in for, the exact job which needs to be performed and finally the transparency to see if enough hours have been booked for the day. Using a workshop bay diary means you can squeeze out every opportunity to get as many cars as possible into your service centre.

What’s best about Bay Diary is it’s a part of the bigger picture, the DMS. Pentana Solutions developed eraPower to be run on either a desktop or mobile device which means you can be on the workshop floor, standing in front of the designated bay and can check to ensure everything is running according to plan. Bay Diary, is literally the first step in maximising time efficiencies and getting the most value from the many resources which exist in a workshop.

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