Aust & NZ
19th Sep 2019

Together we made a difference - Thank you!

Established in 2003, our R.I.T.C.H. Foundation’s primary vision is to support our Pentana Solutions employees, as well as worthy charities and their causes. With over 580 employees and their extended network of family and friends, our charity has the ability to raise substantial funds for those in need.

Recently, our R.I.T.C.H. Foundation recognised the immediate need to raise funds for the children of the Indonesian Island, Sulawesi. These children lived through a catastrophic tsunami and earthquake in September 2018, which devastated the community and destroyed schools around the island. Our key objective was to provide resources that support education for these children moving forward. As home town of one of our Pentana family members, this cause was very close to our hearts! It was incredibly important for us to raise funds in support of her family, friends and her community affected.

Through many fundraising initiatives which included auctions, raffles and various donations, we were able to raise the much needed funds for the children of Sulawesi. Accompanied by a beautiful Indonesian themed lunch, our raffle winners and grand total was announced on Friday, 13 September 2019. After three months, our Pentana community have exceeded our initial goal of $15,000 raising an amazing amount of $16,010 AUD!

On behalf of Pentana Solutions and the R.I.T.C.H Foundation, a huge thank you to the Change Committee and all who donated and participated in raising these much needed funds. This will have an incredible impact on the community and getting the help required for the children affected.