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What is Vehicle Management?

Pentana Solutions’ Vehicle Management module provides tracking of vehicle supply process from the initial customer order, through to retail delivery, and on to the end of life of the vehicle. With the philosophy of supply chain management at its core vehicle management seeks to unite and streamline the full automotive industry process. Both the internal OEM users and the dealer network can benefit from visibility of the current status, condition, and future estimated delivery dates at all times. The Vehicle Management module can be integrated with parts, warranty and finance modules to provide a single complete solution to vehicle importation and distribution businesses.

What are the advantages of this supply chain management solution?

With over 40 years’ experience in the automotive industry Pentana Solutions has designed this MDS module with the full supply chain in mind. Vehicle Management has been designed and developed to manage the procurement, sales and delivery of vehicles in many distinct markets from Australia to the Middle East. The module supports a wide range of vehicles and similar units, with flexible configuration of models, colours, trims, factory options, local options and a wide array of pricing functionality.

Vehicle Management provides full visibility of all vehicles in the supply chain by allowing supply chain managers to define all activities and expected lead times involved. These activities are then updated and monitored for changes, with the information easily available for use in allocations, sales and reporting. In line with automotive industry requirements, dealer interaction can be configured to allow restricted visibility by model, location, status to ensure the correct information is available online in real-time, and optionally allow dealers to self-allocate from within nominated available stock or place indent orders as required. This MDS module has been designed for efficient use for parts managers as well as sales specialists within the supply chain.
Implement this supply chain management solution today either as a standalone solution or as an integrated element of the MDS product suite.

Why Take a Modular Approach to Supply Chain Management?

With a record number of new models released every month, fewer manufacturing hubs, lower margins and higher customer expectations - the needs of distributors across the globe are increasing by the minute.
That’s why Pentana Solutions created a system that will work for every business - regardless of size, location, or market. The system is modular, giving distributors the power to create their own comprehensive system. And the system is real-time integrated; giving organisations peace of mind that business is running accurately and seamlessly across their entire network.


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