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The Loan Car module of eraPower is a comprehensive management tool for all of your loan vehicles that sit within your dealership. Whether it is for courtesy, test drive or even a staff loan car, this module provides you the ability to book, schedule, monitor and search your fleet of loan vehicles.

Through the use of one function on your mobile or desktop device, you can safely provide customers with accurate information. Like all of our other solutions, we’ve developed easy to use screens which feature all the necessary fields and requirements to accurately manage each vehicle coming in and out.

The accuracy of information that can be passed on to your customer base flows from there. Customers will constantly be happy with the service you provide as there’s no longer a need to all cars being dropped off at once with long queue’s at the service desk.

No matter what the scenario you face with loan cars in your dealership, this solution is the next step in taking complete control of your vehicle fleet.

eraPower App | Loan Car

Pentana Solutions’ newly launched Loan Car app seamlessly integrates with eraPower Dealer Management System and Service Concierge eraPower app.

Designed with your customer in mind, the app captures valuable customer and vehicle information in real-time. Providing a personalised customer service at your dealership is made easy with three simple steps:

  1. Greet the customer at the service driveway
  2. Choose a suitable loan vehicle
  3. Complete the agreement without having to run back to your service desk

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