Aust & NZ
1st Nov 2014

Expanding sales channels to market is sometimes a tricky business for automotive dealers. There are many decisions to make and even more suppliers in the e-commerce space. Our mission is to ensure our dealership customers have access to the best suppliers in the space. In line with this, we are proud to announce our newest Pentana Solutions Certified Partner, eCorner. This new certified partner is a specialist in secure eBusiness solutions and a long-time supporter of the automotive industry.

The Australian consumer market has embraced e-commerce in recent years. The Australian e-commerce market exploded in 2010 but in more recent years some segments have outgrown others significantly. In Australia, Wedding and Bridal, Home and Garden and Furniture grew 40% year on year however Automotive stores saw a huge 89% increase in revenue per store. So now is the time for Automotive Dealerships to establish their position as a viable option for online shoppers and automotive enthusiasts.
Earlier this year Pentana Solutions released Handle, a product that streamlined the reconciliation and payment process involved in selling automotive parts online. This ecommerce specialist, eCorner is yet another part of the puzzle for dealers.

What does eCorner Offer a Retail Dealership?

When moving into the e-commerce space with eCorner, Dealers of any size have the ability to set up a hosted online store complete with an integrated shopping cart. eCorner’s software of choice is ePages, a proven technology with over 100,000 ecommerce sites worldwide. The eCorner solution gives retailers the ability to promote and channel their existing contacts into a controlled online store.

Using ePages, retail dealerships can implement a cloud-based solution that is hosted in Australia and managed by eCorner. eCorner will support your business growth long into the future with existing functionality available for multiple languages and currencies as well as the ability to support multiple sales channels such as eBay, Getprice, Google Shopping, Facebook shop and many more. The solution is fully customisable to support specific features that may be required by your business.

Who is already using eCorner?

eCorner is by no means a new entrant to the market with over 10 years’ experience in the Australian e-commerce industry. This experience is part of the reason why they support clients such as Australia Post, iinet, Circus Oz, Festool Australia and Weight Waters Australia.

In the Automotive space Sterling Auto Parts and All 4x4 Spares are already using an ePages solution from eCorner. The benefit they receive above other eCorner ePages users is the efficiency gained from the existing ERAnet integration. The ERAnet to eCorner integration allows a retail dealership to load parts and accessories onto their own ePages store - directly from the DMS. Pentana Solutions thinks this integration is a way to make dealer operations smarter and faster, a true measure of innovation.

As a retail dealership you must ask yourself three questions:

1. What is our current e-commerce strategy?
2. Would our retail dealership benefit from leveraging existing online traffic?
3. Would our retail dealership like to list parts and accessories online faster?

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