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Pentana Solutions provides Quality Assurance & Best Practice consulting on all aspects of Supply Chain Management (SCM) for small, mid-size and enterprise level businesses. With over 40 years of history working through inventory and supply chain management projects within the automotive industry, the team is well placed to work through consulting projects with organisations from across the globe.

Web based or on premise, Pentana Solutions’ Supply Chain Management solution is configured in a building block approach to ensure it starts at the appropriate size and grows with your business. If your business has requirements in any of the following areas be sure to contact us today.

Providing Your Clients With a Fit For Purpose Order

Many supply chain management (SCM) providers focus in on the beginning of the chain, Pentana Solutions on the other hand believes the end client’s experience should drive decisions. In light of this our solution has been designed to allow your business to deliver a fit for purpose order to your customer, as expected and just in time.

Quoting & Ordering The Right Unit or Part The First Time

Moving back through the customer experience the Pentana Solutions approach to SCM allows sales and operational personnel order the right unit, part or accessory the first time. Order entry has been made as easy as possible to ensure customer facing employees can drive great relationships rather than follow best practise in supply chain management – that’s what their Pentana Solutions software looks after for them. Pentana Solutions’ SCM also support changes to vehicle production orders up to defined modification cut-off points.

Full Unit Tracking From Order Though Warranty

Life cycle management is just as important as the order process and with this in mind Pentana Solutions has developed a number of pieces to complete the distribution puzzle. Once an item is ordered using a Pentana Solutions Supply Chain Management Solution details are recorded in the system to allow tracking right through manufacturing to warranty. These details can include owner’s contact and demographic details, personal and business information. Sales information includes reasons for purchase, finance options, trade in brand, and so on. In line with Pentana Solutions history in the automotive industry certain allowances have been made for the consumer requirements. Automotive functionality includes multiple vehicles can be recorded per owner, and subsequent owners of vehicles can be updated by dealers via a dealer connect portal. Owners can be classified, for example: private, business, government or fleet. In short the MDS Supply Chain Management approach connects your dealer network & utilises them to facilitate your customer unit & parts needs.

Fully Integrated & Real Time Connections Across Your Platforms

We’re big on the building block or modular approach but just because these supply chain management elements can work independently it doesn’t mean that they’re not integrated. If it’s warranty software you’re looking for it can work alone giving you coordinated and centralised claim information including transfer of ownership and parts trending. However if you require a complete ERP a few steps down the road your warranty solution and all its historical data will integrate seamlessly to your Pentana Solution ERP and other Supply Chain Management (SCM) modules.

Take the Strategic Approach to Part Supply Management

Whilst some may look to manage parts supply to find operational efficiencies alone our supply chain management philosophy is based around reducing VOR downtime. By using tools such as Parts-Eye each warehouse has optimised inventory levels as stock orders are suggested based on sales history, demand analysis and a forecasting tool called ‘SmartCast’. The flow on effect of Parts-Eye inventory management is end customer repairs being done on time and as expected with genuine parts. PareX is another avenue available for enhanced part supply management, this online parts locator is available 24/7, meaning your dealers can find and sell parts as soon as they need to. And with technology today, they can search or list stock information to fellow dealers across the entire globe. In turn, this reduces the need for expensive emergency freighting and reduces the chance of vehicle off road (VOR) downtime.


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