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The Challenge

Finding a Warehouse Management System to Solve a Specific Automotive Industry Issue
There are certain parts in dealership warehouses are always needed in stock… and others, by particular warehouses never again. It is this another problem in automotive industry warehouse management systems that Parex Locator from Pentana Solutions sets out to solve.

The Solution

Online parts locators have become the modern day platform for members of the automotive industry to “turn scrap into cash.” Even better, this online parts locator is available 24/7, meaning your dealers can find and sell parts as soon as they need to. And with technology today, they can search or list stock information to fellow dealers across the entire globe.

Pentana Solutions offers just that with Pare Locator, an online parts locator, connecting dealers from London to Amsterdam or Melbourne with their automotive industry counterparts. Literally, Parex Locator gives manufacturers and their dealers alike global reach. Parex Locator is a dealer to dealer platform that simultaneously links and compiles stock information of participating dealers and original equipment manufacturers around the world. The best part is - Parex Locator is linked to more than 200 Dealer Management System (DMS) enabling a regular upload of stock data - saving the automotive industry, end to end the hard work. Whether subscribers are on the buying or selling end of the spectrum – the Parex Locator works for all parties. This tool makes it easy for participating automotive industry dealers to load unwanted stock - or find bargains and urgently needed parts from dealers in the juxtaposed position. Instead of your retail partners wondering if their neighbor across town has the part they need – they can ask over 64 million new contacts with Parex Locator. Because with over 64 million parts sold on Parex Locator online parts locator, your reach just got a lot bigger.

How does this automotive industry parts locator work?

Essentially this is the perfect complement to an already organised warehouse management system. The online parts offered are split into three different categories: old, obsolete and current. Old parts are sold with a 50% discount on current net dealer prices. Obsolete parts are sold with a 25% discount on current net dealer prices. While current parts are sold regularly in accordance with existing trading conditions. It’s up to individual dealers how each part is labelled - giving them full control over which and under what conditions the parts are sold. Dealers within the automotive industry can then tap into the wide global network that Parex Locator harbors - comprising over 5,500 automotive dealers including Audi, Fiat, Mazda, Volkswagen, Ford, Land Rover, Jaguar, Toyota etc. - and join the parts revolution.
It has been proven in Parex Locator’s experience that it can be quicker and cheaper to source a part from an obscure warehouse in a country across the world, than wait for a part to be back ordered. Implement this tool today, and harness the value of this automotive industry warehouse management system compliment.


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