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After much interest, Pentana Solutions has decided to offer its world-class warranty management software as a stand alone system.

Question: Why offer warranty software as a stand alone system instead of full distribution management?

Answer: Our experience tells us that smart distributors often focus in on individual areas to gain competitive advantage - warranty is a key opportunity.

Enter: MDS Warranty Software

We know in many scenarios, an extensive distribution management tool isn’t always required. That’s why companies are taking advantage of the fact that this warranty management software can be implemented on its own, or fully integrated into existing third party distribution management systems. Is your warranty claim functionality lacking? Are these problems familiar? Inaccurate data, time-consuming manual adjudication, too much time spent re-keying, and slow turn around with payments? That’s where we can help.

Pentana Solutions’ warranty claim software is rules-based, completely customised, fully integrated, and allows real-time feedback between the dealer, distributor, and manufacturer at all times.

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This warranty software is yet another module available from the MDS suite of products.


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