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The MDS Warehouse Management System is a fully integrated system specifically developed for distributors, helping to streamline operations and improve efficiency.

What are the advantages?

Pentana Solutions’ MDS Warehouse Management System delivers a solution that looks after areas of task and inventory management, as well as management reporting for distributors and importers across the globe.

The Warehouse Management System helps track and control the inventory throughout your organisation to achieve higher volumes of transactions and stock movements. The Warehouse Management module is equipped with business intelligence reporting to help automotive distributors make smart decisions and plan for the future.

Every stock movement can be logged separately to simplify tracking and reporting. By consolidating stock movements, the Warehouse Management System helps to streamline and optimise your warehouse operations.

Vital business statistics, such as performance measures and operating costs, can be monitored using the Warehouse Management System. Users are able to focus in on summaries to get detailed information and easily export information into tabular and graphical forms.

Pentana Solutions has built the Warehouse Management System as an optional stand-alone component of MDS. Click the link below to find out how this solution could compliment or completely transform your distribution business.


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