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If you think your parts department has room for improvement through technology and automation then you’ve come to the right place. Logistic Solutions is broken down into three phases; Labelling, Receiving and Picking and each phase has numerous benefits.

1. Labelling of spare parts, accessories and locations means inventory accuracy is significantly increased. As information is instantaneous, stock take and location maintenance can be performed with ease and in a reduced amount of time.

2. Receiving allows stock to be brought into your dealership more efficiently through the use of scanners. Accuracy is increased due to reducing the factor of human error.

3. Avoid the errors in the process of picking and packing orders which can then result in having to rectify problems with dispatched orders.

Daily operations will be completely reimagined and existing processes surrounding your parts department will be taken to a new level.

Your dealership’s accuracy, efficiency and data integrity will be increased using a state of the art labelling and scanning system for your parts operations, integrated into ERA.

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