Aust & NZ

If you are pushing towards being meticulous, carefully planning and executing down to the very last minute then Bay Diary has been developed for you. This solution allows a workshop to allocate RO’s to a specific workshop bay down to the very minute, providing clarity internally which can then be passed to your customer base.

Customers who use Bay Diary notice an increase in efficiency due to booking service appointments in for allocated time periods. With the aid of pre-determined service types (minor, major or custom), time can be assigned accordingly. This creates transparency to easily identify the service type, whilst work is being performed by viewing the Bay Diary. This module is so easy to use, users just make two time selections and they’re all done.

Regardless of how many workshop bays on your site, this solution is designed to iron out all the wrinkles and cracks that put a barrier in front of a perfectly functioning workshop.


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