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How Can The Nova Accounting Module Support Your Dealership?

Nova’s accounting module is a simple yet scalable, point and click package with a host of features developed to gather, organise, manage and analyse financial data. On top of all the basic accounting requirements of a retail dealership Nova provides a variety of businesses with an integrated payroll package that will support all relevant awards including superannuation, long service leave and the rest. In addition to all the standard financial reports the graphical and table based datasets that can be design out of report generator are endless. In short Pentana Solutions has ensured that Nova’s Accounting Module alone has applications for financial management, human resource management, planning and much more.

Monitor All the Wheels Whilst They’re in Motion

Pentana Solutions knows Financial Controllers have an abundance of elements to manage and monitor within a dealership. The benefit of Nova’s Accounting Module is that it provides a real time feed from each and every area of the dealership. Financial information can be seen as it happens.

Control Your Inventory

Nova’s accounting module also gives financial controllers a way to truly understand the accurate value of parts and whole goods stock. Having this information on hand and any time in the month or the year is powerful for businesses of any size.

Save Time – Enough Said

Within this accounting software the financial month will roll with the calendar which ensures time savings. In line with this, authorised members of your organisation can future and pre post transactions to any unlocked month, this also poses advantages in corrections of course. This saves many hours during daily operations and can greatly improve end of month processes.

Peace of Mind and Database Integrity

This software is fully audited in that all transactions are traceable. At any point in time an individual transaction can be recalled. This functionality gives current users peace of mind and confidence in terms of database integrity.

Currently Nova is used at hundreds of dealership sites across the Australasian region in both traditional installations and cloud based. This flexibility in infrastructure can greatly enhance the speed of Nova’s deployment at your dealership as well as ensuring the business has access to the most recent Pentana Solutions innovations quickly.

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