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Service Concierge and Loan Car

Tablet-based interactive mobile applications that bring the Service Department to your customers.

Downloadable from the Apple Store or Google Play, the apps seamlessly integrate to your eraPower Dealer Management System which means your Service Advisors save time, increase Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) and never miss upsell opportunities again.

Delivering a unique and personal experience to your customers is made easy with our Service Concierge and Loan Car apps.

Paint a picture for your customers - they drive up to your Service Department and are immediately greeted by Service Advisors with mobile tablets. Using the app, customers smoothly complete the “paperwork” and sign away on the tablet to accept the agreement - getting their car from service driveway to the workshop faster, with less hassle.

Key features:

  1. Personalised check-in: The ease of use and speed of functionality provide greater customer engagement when your customers are greeted on the driveway.
  2. Time & cost savings: Increase efficiency without having to pre-print Repair Orders – saving you time, printing costs and papers by printing only what is required.
  3. Image capture: Minimise dealer liability for perceived damage by capturing and storing images of vehicle prior to entry into your Service Department.
  4. Increase aftersales profits: Upsell opportunities are no longer forgotten or missed, as these can be added to Repair Orders during check-in. No more hand written jobs to be added later, reducing technician down time waiting for extra jobs to be added.
  5. Minimise data entry: Update customers, vehicles and appointments data in real time using their tablets, eliminating the need for double handling and lengthy processes at service desks.
  6. Enhance customer experience: View and discuss service history and vehicle condition - providing speed, accuracy and consistency with sign-on glass feature.

To learn more about any of the eraPower apps or if you like a demonstration, speak to your Business Relationship Manager or contact us.


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