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Culture Club

Our Culture is unique and precious to the Pentana solutions business. The R.I.T.C.H. principles (Respect, Integrity, Trust, Communication, Honesty) are the fabric of our business and people culture. While these principles stand at the base of all of our decision making and the way we interact with each other, they offer so much more. In July 2010 the Culture Club was formed to be the guardians of Pentana Solutions Culture. Our core purpose is to ensure R.I.T.C.H. is: alive and well; understood and appreciated; transparent; nurtured; growing and developing; being critical of itself to identify areas of improvement; being actively talked about; and is ingrained into everyone’s work environment.

We embrace our diverse culture and encourage our unity and promote harmony by using our individual strengths. Our Culture Club has ambassadors based in each of our 13 offices globally.

Our purpose is also to endorse and continuously develop and grow on the Pentana Solutions’ People Promise; incorporating – Culture & Community; Work Life Balance; Professional Development; Awards & Recognition; Events & Communication.

The Culture Club allows a group of dedicated individuals to collaborate on ideas to better improve the culture and morale of the business; organise social events for staff, their partners, and families; create projects that combine efforts from all around the global; pool knowledge and experience from different areas of the business and different generations to ultimately grow the foundations of the people that work at Pentana Solutions.