Aust & NZ
20th Feb 2017

Benefit for your dealership

The user has the ability to analyse data through the functions of Microsoft Excel using a very quick screen export function.

Tables can be found in many locations of eraPower, especially in Pre-Delivery and Workshop Control for example.

In locations where a grey heading row appears, users have the ability to export the contents.

How to:

Right click on the grey heading of the table (highlighted in the red border)

You will see a drop down menu appear on the right-hand side with two options, Export Data and Help.

Click ‘Export Data’

The below example is taken from Workshop Control.

The file will download and appear in the bottom left-hand corner.

Double click on the excel sheet download to view the spreadsheet. If any errors occur, open Microsoft Excel before clicking on the spreadsheet.

If you would like any further assistance, please log an incident via the customer service portal.