Aust & NZ
23rd Nov 2016

In today’s society with all the resources around, consumers constantly interact with each other to ensure they’re receiving the best deal. The components of a deal are different for each consumer, some focus on the level or customer service and others focus on price, location or availability. All our customers have taken the time to sit down with one of their service customers and each have had at least one less than satisfactory experience when taking their vehicle in for a service.

Pentana Solutions exists to create innovative solutions. These solutions not only transform a business through increased efficiencies they also enhance the business’s interaction with the customer. We understand your business, your customers’ and their needs, even when they can be at times demanding. Pentana Solutions wants your business to achieve great results by giving your clients a great customer experience.

Online Service Booking

Can your customers book their service appointments online and directly into your Dealer Management System?

Imagine how much more satisfied your customer would be if they had the ability to book a service appointment online, at a time which suited them. They can with Online Service Booking for ERAnet and eraPower. What’s better is they will receive a quote and select the actual time of their appointment at the time of booking. No need for your Service Advisors to confirm the appointment either – Online Service Booking does that directly for you. All available booking types are calibrated by you to pick up the necessary operation codes including pricing and those booked are 100% accurate based on real-time information in the DMS. The service appointment is booked based on available time with parts pre-picked and ordered.

36% of these bookings were made outside of normal business hours!

During the month of October, 2016 4,097 service bookings were made using our Online Booking Solution, resulting in $1,624,356 of service revenue for the participating 88 dealers! 36% of these bookings were made outside of normal business hours and this is what you’re missing out on by not having this solution. Online Service Booking will change your customer’s experience.

Bay Diary

Now you have a consumer’s most prized possession in your workshop, this is where the experience really changes. Through ERAnet and eraPower, our Bay Diary solution supports allocation of each vehicle in for a service to specific bays in order to have the repair order completed in a timely fashion. Your back of house efficiency increases due to transparency of knowing which vehicle is required in a specific service bay at any given time. It’s now when the customer experience changes for the better.

You can advise your customer there’s no need to arrive at 8:30am to drop the vehicle off along with everyone else, they’ve just avoided the queue and will receive a more personalised service when they arrive. The convenience for the customer continues as their day can be planned around their service appointment knowing their car isn’t required for the entire day for a minor service, when in fact it simply sits on the yard.

Workshop Control

Back of house efficiency continues to improve with eraPower using our Workshop Control solution, designed to remove the old in-tray for repair orders and provide more transparency for your technicians whilst working in their service bays. Repair orders can be assigned to multiple technicians to ensure not a moment in the day is not allocated to a job. Your workshop controller will have complete control over the entire team of technicians to ensure you’re maximising the amount of service appointments your business can handle. Avoid customers booking their service elsewhere because your next available appointment is more than two weeks away.

These solutions are just a sample of how we enhance the customer experience in service departments around the world for the better. Businesses who partner with Pentana Solutions notice their customers have a more positive experience from start to finish.

If you would like to improve the customer experience of your business complete the below form and we’ll get in contact to discuss further.