Aust & NZ
23rd May 2017

With the fourth industrial revolution upon us, the core questions that thought leaders should be putting forward are around what role you will play and how will you position your business to take full advantage.

In a recent presentation I carried out at Innovation Week, I communicated to the audience my top 10 observations to help ensure an innovation is alive and well. Please see below those observations:

1. Execution is more important than the light bulb idea

2. Stunning people will always execute well

3. The desire to fail is more powerful to the innovation than focusing on successes

4. All innovation should start with a global focus as today there is no such thing as a local market

5. Picking partners with strategic value as well as cash is more important than cash on its own

6. Innovation and execution takes effort

7. Be brave when innovating as the buzz is a rush

8. Keep making decisions and don’t stand still

9. Be patient, as overnight successes are not a reality

10. Collaborative innovation is more valuable than innovation itself

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