Aust & NZ
25th Mar 2020

Over the past 28 years, Pentana Solutions annually recognise an extraordinary individual through the annual Maureen Charman Award for Continuing Excellence (ACE Award). This award recognises and honours an exceptional Pentana Solutions team member, who consistently goes about delivering outstanding excellence.

In March 2020, the 2019 ACE award was presented to Colin Evans, a Professional Service Consultant based in our Parramatta office in New South Wales.

Colin embodies our company values and commitment to excellence, leadership, resilience and has genuine passion for what he does. He also represents the Pentana Solutions principles of Respect, Integrity, Trust, Communication and Honesty and is a truly valued member of the Pentana Solutions family for over 15 years.

As someone who works closely with all areas of the business, Colin ensures what we deliver to our customers meets their expectations and needs. Whilst he normally flies under the radar in our business and never looks for praise; any peer that has worked with him will enthusiastically relay the message that he is never too busy to explain, assist or take the time to help someone else out.

Please join us in congratulating Colin Evans on becoming the winner of the 2019 Pentana Solutions ACE Award.