Aust & NZ
16th Dec 2016

Never under estimate the power of simple communication.

Our research shows state that the best employee engagement strategy is one where the organisation surveys the employees at least annually, the results shared with every manager, and it turn, each manager creates an action plan with their team members.

As part of our continuing 5 year strategic plan process, I have asked my executive team to participate in Executive Conversations. These conversations occur once per month per executive, discussing with 20 staff from different departments and regions. The format of these sessions is designed to open the communication lines with people that don’t normally report to that executive; seek their opinions on different aspects of the business; provide a simple Q&A opportunity. It’s very easy to become very focused within your own team and underestimate the power of simple communication.

The larger your organisation gets the greater the need for providing some informal ‘stand up’ like conversation opportunities. Whilst these opportunities happen in all of our corridors and around the water cooler, it is the scheduling of these sessions with both team members and the executives that is important. Remember just when you thought you have communicated enough, communicate some more, and your team will love it.

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